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Immersed in style and originality, VANESSA MOE captures the love of creative expression; the thirst for weaving the worlds of art, music, and fashion together.

By making meaningful, impactful contributions to serve the upkeep of our world.

The Designer


The Vanessa Moe brand came to life after founder and designer, Vanessa Moe, travelled to Sydney to complete her bachelor’s degree in fashion, leading her to become the first designer at the university to create 3D printed apparel in Australia. In 2015, just short of a year after graduating, Vanessa was invited to participate in Australian Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as part of the St. George New Generation Program, an initiative to introduce emerging Australian fashion designers. The show launched her first ready-to-wear collection, which was featured in various publications globally, including the Huffington Post and the Daily Telegraph. It was very well received by the industry and around the world including the UK, Brazil, Canada, China, and the USA. 


In 2018, the Vanessa Moe pioneering couture collection, CIRCLES, was featured at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the largest fashion industry event in the southern hemisphere and the 5th largest in the world SPFW- Sao Paulo fashion Week, Brazil, inspired and developed collaboratively by the cultural richness of the Indigenous Australian people. One of the highlights of the show was the models for the collection, who travelled from various parts of Australia to Brazil: to mark the first time that a casting composed of all Aboriginal women were featured on an international catwalk. Working closely with the support of Aboriginal organisations; NITV, and the Australian Embassy, Vanessa Moe's storytelling vision echoed the principles of nature itself: immersed in connectedness, inclusivity, diversity, balance, and harmony.

Vanessa Moe's recent collaboration is with Social Enterprise Project (SEP), with a mission to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line by empowering women to become change-makers. SEP works with refugee artists, helping them to become financially independent and to enable them to make a positive impact in their community. All artists are fairly compensated for their work and creations.

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